Kamiki Whisky

Kamiki Whisky Umiki Ocean Fused Whiskey


Umiki Whisky is a premium blended whisky from Japan

Ocean is source of life and Pine-tree is symbol of life in Japan. Inspired by Japan’s respect for nature and the ocean, we blended local ocean-side malt whiskies with grain whiskies from rest of the world before blending with pure filtered ocean water and finishing the blend in Japanese pine barrels.

Umiki – Ocean Tree – Whisky is 

World’s first ocean fused whisky

World’s first whisky finished in Japanese pine barrels

World’s first whisky to use only sustainable water for blending

The Ōmiwa Shrine lies at the foot of Mount Miwa, a holy mountain guarded by the shrine.

Mount Miwa has many legends, and has been worshiped from ancient times as a sacred Mountain of the God.

Inspired by beautiful breezes coming from the Mountain of the God, we named our whisky KAMIKI whereby "KAMI" means "GOD" and "IKI" means "BREATH".

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