Hibiki 12 Year Kacho Fugetsu Limited Edition


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Suntory is Japan’s principal beverage maker. The company’s very name is a seal of quality, as Suntory wins global whisky awards year after year. Of all Suntory’s winning blends, Hibiki remains the most popular and has been chosen as the best whisky in the world on several occasions. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has tried Suntory’s flagship product.

The 12 year old is a harmonious blend of specially aged whiskies. The theme of this particular bottle is “Kacho Fugetsu” – a design that embodies the beauty of Japanese nature. The sweet floral aroma of the hand-selected matured malts, combine with a natural wood essence to create a truly distinctive whisky with a full-bodied taste.

The 24 facets of the bottle symbolize the ancient tradition of “Sekki” – the age-old Japanese lunar calendar. This is one for the collector.

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