Griffo Distillery

Griffo Distillery Scott Street Gin

Light, crisp and fresh twist on the traditional English gin. Distilled in the London Style, the gin is mixed with a balance of botanicals inside their pot still and distilled in a single run. This process takes intensive preparation and attention to detail. ensuring the soft complexity that is their trademark. Juniper is delicious and grown in the wild. Meyer lemons are balanced with the warmth of grains of paradise and the complexity of coriander. Russian River Valley water shapes our gin into a supple and bright pour. ### Product Description Griffo Distillery is founded in Petaluma, California, to create premium, small-batch spirits that showcase the beauty and bounty of Sonoma County. They remain a family-run operation with an emphasis on high quality, California-grown ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship. There is a true sense of attention to detail coming from Griffo- from formal analysis to custom still controls of their own design, merging craft and science to create spirits that are both beautiful and complex. Tasting Notes Lemon & coriander.

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