Gran Coronel

Gran Coronel Añejo Tequila


Elaborated with our Gran Coronel blanco tequila, aged in our French Allier oak barrels, American oak barrels, old European red wine barrels and old Bourbon barrels. The aging process is carried out in a slow process during a minimum of 20 months in our own tequila cellar. The 20 months of aging is the minimum period of time established to be aged as these remain there until our tequila maker considers they have reached the high quality required for our products. Numbered bottles. Unique aromas, flavors and colors characteristic of Gran Coronel tequilas aged in barrels.


  • Appearance: clean amber color tequila with red nuances.
  • Smell: Prevalence of barrel with chocolate, fruit and vanilla smelling.
  • Taste: very sweet and soft tequila with wood flavor and a special hint of vanilla.

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