Gancia Americano Aperitivo Liqueur


Americano Gancia, ithe firey red of sunset in the authentic garden of fragrances, the stimulating wormwood and strong gentian, the sweet and bitter taste of orange with all the freshness and magic of wine and oriental spices. Straight or as a base for elaborate cocktails, Americano Gancia is an inalienable appointment for the lovers of classic aperitifis.

Passion for their land, respect for traditions and, at the same time, innovation, research and extreme attention to quality, promotion and distribution of their products.

The guidelines of all Gancia activities are these values ​​and principles, always present and confirmed in over 150 years of company history. Gancia started its activity in a corner of Piedmont and now addresses, with the authority that derives from its credibility, to the whole world.

Carlo Gancia was born in Narzole in 1829 and, in 1848, he moved to Reims where he spent a few years, engaged in learning the techniques of processing champagne, and then return to Italy in 1850. The same year Carlo Gancia, with his brother Edoardo , he founded the " Fratelli Gancia " in Chivasso .
By exploiting and reworking the concepts learned in France and applying them to the Muscat grapes typical of its area, Gancia created, in 1865, a new type of champagne, which he called Spumante Italiano.

Thus Carlo became the depositary and the author of the official rules of the first Italian Classical Method , the same ones still followed today. The current success of the Gancia range is due to the experiments and intuitions of 150 years ago.
Gancia has always been a worldwide spokesperson for the Italian style of living with conviviality: to celebrate with a toast, enjoy an extraordinary moment in life, organize aperitifs with friends.

He brought the Italian culture of drinking in the world and brought the world of quality drinking in Italy, through the selection and distribution of spirits and specialties.

The bonds of trust that characterize the relationships of Gancia with all the people involved in the production have been carefully woven over the years; the basis was mutual respect and esteem, nourished by a constant and fruitful exchange of skills and know-how.

Everything starts, today as yesterday, from the continuous and direct contact with the vineyard and the land, with its producers, with the capriciousness of the time and the experience of those who can foresee how the vintage will be.

Identity with the craft of the earth and its places of origin is essential and fundamental to always guarantee Gancia excellence.
From this strong identity comes the Gancia style : unchanged over time, solid in values.

To talk about quality, one must be aware of not neglecting even one detail: water, the sun, fatigue transform the earth into wine, through delicate and risky passages, all entrusted to the weather and the direct experience of who works there.
The search for the perfect product is the heart of Gancia culture: from the selection of the soil and the grapes to the choice of the box and the soft pressing of the bunches, each phase is followed with extreme care.

The rest of the bottles in the historic cellars closes a cycle characterized by constant attention to the result.

The Gancia products tell the story of a company that has not forgotten its origins and traditions , while continuing to innovate and renew itself.

The road is long and exciting, through artisanal workshops, careful experiments and rigorous scientific exams. And from the artisan's eye, reassured by the past and projected into the future, unique productions are born, the expression of a clear and recognizable identity in Italy and in the world.

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