Galliano Ristretto


Galliano Ristretto is not just a coffee liqueur, it’s a piece of Italian craft. It’s no seceret that the Italians know how to make real espresso. Combine this art form with the knowledge and long history of Galliano and we have the birth of Galliano Ristretto. A meeting of flavours just waiting to happen.

• True Italian espresso liqueur - not rum, tequila or vodka based - for wide cocktail application
• Deep and intense flavor – worthy of a true espresso lover (the way Italians drink it)
• All natural & non GMO, no HFCS (corn syrup), no artificial coloring
• Made with two types of espresso beans: Robusta from Kenya and Arabica from Columbia for an invigorating bold flavor
• The most awarded coffee liqueur: Double Gold (SFWSC), Excellent score & Great Value (Ultimate Spirits Challenge)

Ever since 1896 Galliano Liqueur has been crafted in Piedmont region of Italy. Famous for its truffles, hearty pastas, fresh Alpine air and a multitude of herbs and spices that grow around Galliano distillery at the foothills of the Italian Alps. Those Mediterranean ingredients make Galliano unique and quintessentially Italian.

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