Finlandia Raspberry Vodka


Oh, raspberry! richest of berries, with a delicate hint of chocolate. The vodka finds the flavors most appealing.

A rich natural taste of raspberries followed by the delicate suggestion of chocolate—no other taste in the world matches the distinct flavor of our Finlandia Raspberry Vodka. The delightful berry warmth enhances the premium taste of a spirit made from pure glacial spring water and golden six-row barley.

For almost 50 years, Finlanda Vodka has been crafted at the Rajamäki distillery in Finland. Under the Midnight Sun, where the sun doesn't set for 72 straight days, the finest suomi barley is ripened in untainted soil. The nearby Rajamäki Spring provides naturally filtered glacial sping water that requires no treatment or additional filteration. These ingredients are then disitlled using over 200 steps to yield Finlandia Vodka, a crisp, clear, smooth spirit of the highest quality.

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