Early Times

Early Times Kentucky Whisky


Color: Deep amber.
Aroma: Spicy with sweet fruit, fresh oak and delicate corn notes underscored by a layer of vanilla and caramel.
Taste: A lively entry with spice, caramel and vanilla that melt into a mixture of fresh and dried fruit notes.
Finish: Warm with subtle hints of apple and corn. 

Originally crafted in 1860, Early Times® is double distilled, aged a minimum of three years in heat-cycled warehouses and barreled in seasoned American white oak barrels at the Early Times Distillery in Shively, Kentucky. This whisky is known for being a quality whisky that delivers a consistently smooth taste and flavor profile at an affordable price.

Early Times® Kentucky Whisky was founded in 1860 by John Henry Beam at Early Times Station, Kentucky. Early Times® Kentucky Whisky is known for being an All-American whisky of quality with a true heritage store. Known as "The Whisky that made Kentucky Whiskies Famous", Early Times® delivers a consistently smooth taste and flavor profile while still being offered at a value to consumers.

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