Destileria Santanera

Destileria Santanera Kosher Blanco Tequila 100% de Agave


As the descendent of a long and storied line of agave producers in Arandas, Jalisco, founder Pablo Lara grew up surrounded

by world-class tequila, while intensely aware of the category’s struggles to meet increased demand in responsible ways.

To that end, Pablo created Santanera: an independent brand aimed at reviving organic and sustainable farming

practices—which have been predominantly lost to the tequila industry—with a deep focus on terroir and the detailed

minutiae of tequila production.

While Santanera is currently distilled at other like-minded fabricas (specifically, Tres Mujeres and the iconic Cascahuin in Los

Valles), Pablo and master distiller Sergio Cruz helm the Santanera productions, and keep the process entirely separate from

the rest of the distilleries’ work. (They even install unique fermenters and pot stills on site, which are used only to produce

Santanera.) In the next year, construction will finally begin on Santanera’s own unique distillery, where production will be


Maestro Tequilero: Sergio Cruz with Pablo Lara G. • Produced at Cascahuin in El Arenal, Jalisco •100% Blue Weber (A.

tequilana) • Cooked in a traditional clay steam oven • Milled using mechanical roller mill • Fermented in stainless steel •

Distilled twice using stainless steel pot stills • Aromas of yellow flowers, sweet potato and white pepper delicately weave

together, while the clean palate delivers honeycomb, a hint of cardamom, meyer lemon, green olive, and generous green

notes, from peppers to wheatgrass

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