Daftmill Single Malt Scotch Winter Batch Release 2007 12 Yr

The incredible followup to the special 2006 Summer Release is here. This true farm distillery—all the barley for distillation is produced onsite—is a labor of love by Ian and Francis Cuthbert. Located in the Howe of Fife, they’ve created a distillery that operates in complete harmony with the farm. Spent lees and pot ale go back onto the fields as fertilizer for the next season’s cereals. for instance. The distillery itself is operated on a seasonal basis and is dictated by the farming calendar. In the summer lull in June and July the stills are in operation. When harvest comes, they shut back down. In the winter months when things are again not as busy on the farm, distillation fires up before spring planting requires the family's attention again. It is the 2007 winter distilling season when this batch was produced. This natural pattern of local farming/distilling production was once the norm, but hasn’t been seen in Scotland for over 100 years before being revived by the Cuthberts. As for the whisky in the Winter batch, it is, in a word: extraordinary. The complexity of flavor is unmatched by any similarly aged whisky in the world.

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