Contadi Castaldi

Contadi Castaldi Franciacorta Saten

The Franciacorta Saten by Contadi Castaldi is a wine that immediately won for his original interpretation, his character and his freshness that is able to offer. A sparkling wine balanced, complex and pleasant, fully in keeping with the expression of the territory of Franciacorta. Contadi Castaldi is a historical name within the territory of Franciacorta; an area rich in history and traditions. "Contadi", in medieval times, were the counties of Franciacorta, while the "Castaldi" were the lords of the counties to which was entrusted with the government of the land. The Franciacorta Saten by Contadi Castaldi comes from Chardonnay grapes, harvested between late August and early September, vinified after a soft pressing and cold settling. The first refinement has a duration of 7 months and is carried out partly in steel and partly in barriques, while the path of aging on the lees for a period of 30-36 months. The Franciacorta Saten by Contadi Castaldi shows a brilliant straw yellow color and a fine and persistent perlage. The nose is fresh and elegant with intense aromas of hawthorn, bread crust, balsamic and a nice finish of dried figs and hazelnuts. The Saten by Contadi Castaldi has an entrance in the mouth is very soft, a beautiful structure and a pleasant freshness that will win you over.

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