Chiyonosono Shuzo

Chiyonosono Shuzo 8000 Generations Shochu


A crisp rice shochu that results in a true sake-lover's shochu. A great cocktail mixer.

Medium-bodied with hints of honeydew and natural rice flavors.

Known as the Junmai expert, Chiyonosono was the first brewery to stop adding distilled alcohol to its sake after the rice shortages of World War II, paving the way for the popular Junmai category.

• Originally a rice wholesaler, Chiyonosono specializes in rice cultivation. Chiyonosono has access to heirloom strains and brews sake with distinctive rice textures and aromas.

• The brewery is located on the southernmost island of Kyushu—the gateway into Japan—known for Asian and European cuisine, historic architecture, and distinct regional culture.

Until this sake came along in the 1960’s, all sake had distilled alcohol added to it due to rice shortages and war rationing. After the war, Chiyonosono crafted the first junmai sake (brewed without distilled alcohol nor addittves of any kind) and celebrated by sharing it from a large, red lacquered sake cup called a Shuhai. The brewers made a promise to one another to keep up their efforts each year to make high-quality sake from rice alone.

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