Casa San Matías

Casa San Matías Gran Reserva Extra Añejo Tequila


Appearance: It has a bright amber color. High bodied with orange highlights and strong copper hues.
Aroma: Wood and dried fruit aromas such as apple and sweet pear can be perceived.
Taste: Palate confirms chocolate and vanilla flavors as well as presence of almonds and roasted hazelnut with a long lasting end of sweet and ripe fruit flavors.

At Casa San Matías we are committed to honoring the tradition and legacy handed down to us by our predecessors. We pride ourselves in being one of the oldest tequila distilleries in Mexico and in keeping our business funded by 100% Mexican capital. Each bottle carries the tremendous dedication of the employees that make up our Casa San Matías family. We are committed to bestowing our consumers with the most seductive and highest-quality spirits in Mexico.

Our tequila is more than an amazing taste in the consumer’s palate. It is a tradition that honors the passion and dedication of the people involved for over One Hundred and Thirty Years of history.

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