Bouvery Chocolate Liqueur 375ml


Daniel Bouvery wants you to take a journey to a new level of chocolate bliss with his small batch Bouvery CV. When coming up with his groundbreaking new Connecticut made creation, he set out to make a libation that truly takes your mouth on a trip though texture and taste, almost as does a fine red wine.

And the proof is in the pudding! Words fall short in describing the velvety viscosity and rich chocolate flavor of this spectacular spirit. While technically sold as a “Chocolate Vodka,” Bouvery is more akin to an adult version of chocolate syrup. The potential for cocktail and dessert creations is endless.

The complex, layered, lengthy chocolate flavor is considerably more sophisticated than anything of its kind.
Bring a touch of class to the next dinner party by transforming simple after dinner cocktails.
Drizzle a layer of divine pleasure over ice cream, cookies and cakes.

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