Botanika Angelica

Botanika Angelica Bitters


Botanika Angelica Bitters combines 8 herbs and fruit that macerate separately for nearly 4 months. It is then meticulously blended with artesian well water before resting in 50-year-old Polish oak vats before bottling.

It does not contain any preservatives or artificial flavors.

Tasting Notes:
Clear, Valentine Red

Soft, medium intensity
Orange peel, blood oranges, cloves & allspice, with herbaceous undertones

Sweet & viscous, followed by sharp herbal flavors
Candied oranges, ruby red grapefruit, anise and cinnamon take over the palate
Finish is sharp, dry & herbal with hints of citrus

Product appearance may vary slightly. This is attributed to the natural ingredients and handmade nature of our artisan liqueurs.

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