Blackened Cask Strength Private Select by "SDBB"

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Blackened Cask Strength Whiskey a blended whiskey deriving from 5 different finished whiskies which are then finished in Spanish Brandy casks which go through the “Black Noise” sonic enhancement process. Sonic-enhancement is the process of using certain sound waves to affect the spirit inside the barrel. When applied properly, the sound waves actually cause movement of the barrel and the liquid inside. This movement increases the interaction between the liquid and the barrel, resulting in a deeper penetration of the spirit into the wood.
There is no specific age, but the whiskey is on average 6 years old. There is also no mash bill as it is a blend of 5 different finished high-end bourbons and Ryes, and we do not have the specific mash bills for those 5 whiskies.

113.91 proof, batch 119.

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