Bistra Slivovitz


Slivovitz is the national drink of serbia and plum is the national fruit. The word slivovitz is derived from slavic words for plum.

Serbia is the largest exporter of slivovitz in the world and second largest plum producer in the world. Bistra is top quality brandy produced from serbian plums.

Selected ripe plums are crushed and the pits are separated away. After temperature controlled fermentation based on regional yeasts the fermented mash is double distilled and blended until distinctive fresh slivovitz is obtained. The slivovitz is then placed in oak barrels of up to 5000 liters for aromatic completion and then stored in stainless steel tanks for further ageing until bottling. Three years of oak aging gives the brandy a golden color and smoother taste; fresh vigorous vibrant.

The unique taste of slivovitz comes from the plum seeds. When pressed the seeds release amygdalin which tastes of almonds.

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