Bepi Tosolini

Bepi Tosolini Amaro Liquore D'erbe


Liqueur "Amaro Tosolini" - a real balm, created by the old original recipe based on grape alcohol, pure mountain water and 15 alpine herbs from the Venetian lagoon. Full membership is stored Tosolini family secret, known only to a few components: angelica, bitter orange, sweet flag, gentian, wormwood, rosemary. Maceration takes place in the future of liquor barrels of ash, and the shutter speed lasts about 12 months. 


Liquor dark cherry color.


Complex, rich, balanced and full of flavor liqueur has a sweet orange pulp and peel his bitterness, hints of Mediterranean spices in the finish.


Fragrance liquor consists of saturated spicy notes and tones alpine meadow grasses.

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