Bauchant Cognac Orange Liqueur


Color : Harvest-gold.

Aroma : Delicate aromas of orange and tangerine.

Taste : Complex and elegant with intense fruit flavors underscored by notes of caramel and butterscotch.

Bauchant is one of the first orange liqueurs to debut in the US, coming stateside in the early 1970s. Its unique recipe has remained unchanged since its creation over 40 years ago. The Cognac base is a combination of precious reserves of fine quality VS and VSOP Cognac; while the orange flavor is derived from, a unique entry in the category, both bitter and sweet orange (competitive products tend to use only a single type of orange).

Maison Roullet-Fransac has been producing luxury cognacs, liqueurs, and eaux-de-vie of the most superior quality.

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