Barrell Craft Spirits Single Barrel Rye #V901 Selected By SDBB

Barrel Pick

This 14-year-old single barrel rye is one of just 33 Canadian Rye single barrels released from Barrell Craft Spirits in winter 2021. Part of their V900 Series, which is noted for both the higher proofs of its barrels as well as their relatively low yields, Barrel #V901 clocks in at a whopping 131.08 proof. It was aged partially in Canada and partially in Kentucky before being bottled at cask strength on February 2, 2022. Only 76 bottles are available.

Tasting notes: An initial note of sharp spice, peppered by the high alcohol content, gives way to more complex herbaceous notes of spearmint, dill and fresh hay. The rounder, softer mid palate is accentuated by a tart finish, bringing to mind green apples dipped in honeycomb. 

Barreling Date: 5/6/2006

Dump Date: 2/2/2022

Age Stated: 14 years

Bottled at Cask Strength by Barrell Craft Spirits

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