Balcones ZZTOP Tres Hombres Whiskey

  • Taste: Evaporative and spritely with aromas of honey crisp apples and buttered pastry; hint of suede and white flower honey. 
  • Palate: Sweet and coating with good acidity, brown sugar and red grapes. 
  • Finish: Effervescent with a bit of fresh ginger and sage.

That Little Ol' Whisky from Texas: Some things just belong together. You combine a little of this with a little of that because it just makes sense, and end up creating something that has never been done before, but somehow feels like it has always been. The Tres Hombres combines three distinct grains, Corn, Barley and Rye, in the spirit of honest exploration and synergy that is the hallmark of Texas and it’s whisky. 

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