Antica Torino

Antica Torino Vermouth di Torino Rosso


Sweet Vermouth inspired by the traditional recipes and ingredients of the Piedmont region

Primary botanicals include wormwood, rhubarb, gentian, vanilla bean, rosemary, thyme, oregano, laurel leaves, & ginger

Base wine is composed of Piedmontese white wines including Bombino, Trebbiano, Freisa, and a small percentage of

Moscato, fortified with neutral wheat spirit

Botanicals are steeped individually in the neutral grain spirit for 30–45 days, blended with wine and beet sugar, and rested

in stainless steel tanks for 45–60 days before filtering and bottling

Orange sherbet, fresh rosemary, and cola on the nose; juicy palate of orange & lime zest, vanilla, rhubarb root, and thyme

with a lightly smoky, bitter finish

18% ABV

This rosso vermouth is robust enough for classic cocktails such as Negronis and Manhattans but avoids a cloying finish,

instead lending jeweled fruit tones balanced by stemmy herbs and bright bitterness

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