Antica Torino

Antica Torino Vermouth di Torino Bianco


Based on a blanc vermouth recipe from the 1940s–1950s

Blend of Italian grapes such as trebbiano, chardonnay, and cortese, fortified with neutral spirit distilled from wheat and

infused with herbs and spices

Featured botanicals include wormwood, marjoram, sage, thistle, thyme, coriander, and licorice (the licorice is macerated

separately for maximum extraction and then blended to best represent the flavor of the original recipe)

Marshmallow and white flowers on the nose; round and pleasant bitterness on the mid-palate with a notable finish of licorice

root and sweet tarragon

16% ABV; 165 grams of sugar per liter

Bianco vermouth is of the most popular aperitivi in Italy, traditionally enjoyed on the rocks with a twist. This recipe originates

with the family of Paola Rogai, Antica Torino’s beloved office manager. Paola’s great-uncle Carlin lived in the Monferrato area

and worked for FIAT in Turin while making wine and vermouth from his family’s vineyards. Updating the recipe for modern

use, Antica Torino presents a vermouth bianco with earnest origins and unique character, easily distinguished from its

competitors while retaining mixing versatility.

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