Alfred Gratien

Alfred Gratien Champagne Brut Cuvee Paradis

The 2006 Alfred Gratien 'Cuvée Paradis' is an exceptional bottle of Champagne, with this vintage being comprised of a blend of sixty-five percent Chardonnay and thirty-five percent Pinot Meunier. The wine spent five years aging sur latte and was finished with a dosage of eight grams per liter. Like all of the Alfred Gratien wines, the vins clairs here were all barrel-fermented in older Chablis casks and did not undergo any malolactic. The bouquet is deep, pure and exceptional, as it wafts from the glass in a complex blend of apple, tangerine, a complex base of soil tones, fresh-baked bread, dried flowers and a lovely note of smokiness in the upper register. On the palate the wine is deep, full-bodied, crisp and laser-like in its focus, with a rock solid core, snappy acids, very refined mousse and a long, crisp and complex finish. This is a very, very classy bottle of bubbly that is just starting to drink well, but will age very long and gracefully.

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