135 EAST

135 EAST Dry Gin Hyogo


Our gin draws its name from the 135 meridian east which crosses Akashi City in the Hyogo prefecture - the home of our Kaikyo Distillery. The meridian line perfectly represents our passion for discovering what lies beyond its borders. Inspired by the Taisho period, our Hyogo Style Gin plays on a time when eastern culture merged with western customs. This is expertly reflected in our ingredients as they enhance and complement each other.

Traditional London Dry Gin botanicals mingle with Japanese botanicals – both crowned by a touch of sake. Expertly weaved together, the botanicals of 135o EAST Gin awaken the senses by stimulating the unexpected.

Similarly, our ingredients do the same – merge East and West to create the perfect balance of dry gin with spicy sansho pepper and floral, citrusy notes of yuzu each blended in 135o EAST Gin:

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