Garrison Brothers

Garrison Brothers Boot Flask Small Batch Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey 375ml

The same smooth, bourbon nectar you've always enjoyed or wanted to try, but now in a handy little bottle, ergonomically designed to fit inside your most comfortable pair of boots. Enjoying a bottle of Garrison Brothers Bourbon has always been an experience unlike any other. And now, you can enjoy it wherever and whenever you'd like.

Rich peanut brittle and burnt orange sunrise color. Fragrant fresh cut flowers and grass, rose petals and gardenias on the nose. Sweet rock candy taste: caramel apples, peanut butter and roasted pumpkin seeds. A lasting finish. Polished and refined. Roasted caramel, orange zest, cinnamon, sweet tea and tobacco. The most mature Garrison bourbon yet at a little over three years of age.

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