About Codigo 1530

What do country singer George Strait, NFL coach mike Shanahan, NHL star Brett Hull, and former Crocs CEO Ron Snyder have in common? All have a vested interest in Codigo 1530 Tequila.

For five generations, the recipe for Codigo 1530 Tequila remained a closely guarded secret among Los Bajos’ finest jimadors. It was once known as the El Tequila Privado, “the private Tequila.”

Federico “Fede” Vaughan is CEO and Co-founder of Codigo 1530 and honorary custodian of its private recipe. After being produced privately by five Mexican families for over a hundred years, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Ron Snyder, a longtime friend of Federico and seasoned business executive, brought the super-premium spirit to shelves in 2016.

Codigo has five different tequilas, each one determined by its age, from the Blanco which is un-aged, to the Extra Anejo Origen which is the oldest Extra Anejo on the market and is considered a super-premium tequila.

Codigo is made with rainwater that has been filtered through volcanic rock. The water is naturally purified as it runs down the mount in the Amatitan region of Mexico. Because it likes to keep it natural, Codigo is made with three times the agave as the average tequila. This provides it with a subtle sweetness without using any artificial additives or sweeteners. The yeast used comes from a small local Amatiatan bakery as it has for generations rather than using commercial yeast.

Codigo 1530 Anejo, aged 18 months is a perfect blend of agave and barrel. It has won every competition it has entered, including Best of Class and Anejo of the Year.

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