Sorgin French Gin


Sorgin is a Basque word describing the 'sorcerers', those able to keep their good mood and energy through the night. Created by world-renowned winemakers and Sauvignon Blanc specialists, François Lurton and Sabine Jaren, this Gin typifies the characteristic aromatic notes of the variety. Sauvignon wine distillate, juniper distillate and selected botanicals (lemon, lime, grapefruit, violet, broom and blackcurrant buds) give this Gin an expression like no other and great freshness.

It's a unique and innovative spin on the classical tune and this remix is a harmony of two wildly different types of booze. It's a silky-smooth Gin with elegant flavors and a firm Sauvignon Blanc background. It's a delicious bridge that brings wine lovers and Gin aficionados together. Drink it neat or in a G&T, you'll love it. The Brits might have won the Waterloo, but the French just made Gin much, much better.

Sorgin Small Batch Sauvignon Gin Tasting Notes

Nose: Aromas of juniper and Sauvignon Blanc with herbal nuances.

Palate: Harmony of Gin and Sauvignon Blanc with grassy and herbal notes with hints of gooseberry.

Finish: Long and elegant with aftertaste of juniper, broom flower and violet.

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