Yumix launches mix-it-yourself cocktail range

by Owen Bellwood

Beverage company Yumix is hoping to shake up the pre-mixed drinks category with its new range of mix-it-yourself cocktails, packaged in twin-chambered bottles.

The pre-mixed cocktails come in a "revolutionary" twin-chambered bottle, featuring one compartment for spirits and one for mixers. To create the cocktail, the drinker simply twists off the spirits container from the bottle and pours it into the cocktail mix. Founder and CEO Alex Garner said: "We put a lot of thought into both the bottle design and the concept, which is a superior cocktail without preservatives or added sweeteners that weaken the flavour profile. "The result is a beverage that tastes like it was just made by a top mixologist, with a bright, fresh flavour that’s both portable and shelf stable.” Yumix is available in three flavours, including Classic Margarita, made with Tequila, apple juice, lime and sugar; Orange Mango, a mix of vodka, orange juice and mango flavours; and Sea Breeze, which combines vodka with cranberry juice and apple juice. Each bottled cocktail contains 192ml of cocktail ingredients and 50ml of spirit – which, when mixed, gives each cocktail an abv of 8.3%. The travel-ready cocktails are currently available in packs of four for US$11.99 from Total Wine & More locations in Texas and South Carolina.