Yorkshire distiller debuts spiced rum

by Alice Brooker

UK-based The Wensleydale Spirit Company has released a spiced rum made from a base of fermented molasses.

The spiced expression has been double distilled in copper stills, and combines flavours of honey, cocoa, vanilla, mandarin zest, fresh ginger, black pepper and cardamom. Chris Taplin, co-owner and founder of North Yorkshire-based Wensleydale Spirit Company, said: “Our passion and attention to detail has led to the creation of a luxurious spiced rum. By using a combination of cocoa and other botanicals, it is a nod towards leading family brands that have been making confectionary in the North Yorkshire area for centuries.” The bottle’s label has been described as ‘art deco’ by the brand, displaying the Yorkshire Dales and its viaducts. The dark brown and orange packaging reflects the flavours of cocoa and mandarin zest contained within the expression. Chris Young, co-owner of Wensleydale Spirit Company, said: “Our Wensleydale Spiced Rum branding includes the phrase ‘a right rum do’. "In the 16th century, when the term was coined, it meant 'excellent' or 'great', which we feel describes our rum and our full spirit range perfectly. "Rum is all about provenance, mystery, and history, and so we are happy to lean on the historical roots of a phrase that is synonymous with Yorkshire.” The rum, which sits at 42% ABV, can be bought from wensleydalespiritcompany.co.uk for an RRP of £35 (US$48.66) for a 500ml bottling.