Wrecking Coast distils Cornerstone-exclusive gin

Apr 24, 2018by Owen Bellwood

Cornish gin producer Wrecking Coast Distillery has partnered with London restaurant Cornerstone Hackney for an exclusive expression.

Cornerstone Rare Cornish Gin has been created in partnership with restaurateur Tom Brown, who commissioned the distillery to create a gin with a flavour profile suitable for his new restaurant. Wrecking Coast Distillery head distiller and partner, Avian Sandercock, said: “After meeting Tom and getting to know his approach to produce and ingredients it helped us focus on the type of flavour that would work for him. “Fresh fish and seafood featuring predominantly on the menu provided a direction but we had to balance that with the seasonal meats and vegetables too.” Cornerstone Rare Cornish Gin is a “juniper forward” expression, with generous coriander notes, strong citrus influences and “a true taste of Cornwall” from the addition of hedgerow rosehip and rowan berries. In order to give the gin a fresh fruitiness, the Cornish distillery looked beyond using water as the base for its distillate. Craig Penn, founding partner at Wrecking Coast Distillery, said: “Instead of water we ran Polgoon Orchard’s best cloudy apple juice in the still to deliver autumnal apple brightness to the back of the palate and a hint of sweetness in the finish. “It worked! Totally hit the spot by providing the layered taste profile we were looking for while delivering a unique gin that Tom was after.” Cornerstone Rare Cornish Gin is bottled at 45% abv and is available exclusively at Cornerstone Hackney.