‘World’s first’ bottled mezcal cocktail to hit London

by Annie Hayes

North London drinks company Longflint has partnered with local brand QuiQuiRiQui to introduce what is thought to be the world's first bottled mezcal cocktail to the capital city.

Founded by Mark O’Reilly and James Law, formerly of Hackney Wick's Crate Brewery, Tottenham-based Longflint is set to launch the drink - a Grapefruit, Sour Cherry and Mezcal Paloma – in Whole Foods stores across London. "We’ve always wanted to launch a mezcal bottled cocktail and it was only after doing a bit of research that we realised we were the world’s first!," said Law. "Mezcal is one of the hottest spirits right now and we love it. "The combination of cold pressed grapefruit juice, the sour cherry and beautifully smoky mezcal – which we blend together and then force carbonate – makes for a fantastic summer drink. "We serve it in a champagne flute just like a Bucks Fizz – it makes a brilliantly different brunch cocktail or a pre–dinner aperitif." Melanie Symonds, boss of Homerton-based QuiQuiRiQui, said: "We were approached by a few different companies that wanted to use our mezcal in various different products but none felt or tasted right. "Longflint’s offering is brilliantly refined and sums up exactly what a classic Paloma should be, albeit with a twist." The cocktail is the latest addition to Longflint's line of collaborations, which includes the Sacred Spirits Company from Highgate, the London Distillery and Albelforths in Tunbridge Wells. Each drink is around 5% abv, carbonated, and features pure fruit juices and natural syrups. The Longflint Grapefruit, Sour Cherry & Mezcal Paloma is available in all seven London Whole Food stores from June 19th, priced £3.99 for 250ml.