Woodsman blend targets younger whisky drinkers

Aug 10, 2018by Melita Kiely

Whyte & Mackay has launched a blended Scotch whisky designed to entice younger drinkers who are normally “put off” by the category’s more “traditional” characteristics.

The Woodsman has been aged in new oak casks from Ohio and ex-Bourbon barrels double-scorched in Scotland to give “extra depth”. The whisky is said to have notes of vanilla, spice and a hint of woodsmoke. Bottled at 40% abv, The Woodsman has been designed for mixing and is recommended in cocktails such as a Maple Syrup Old Fashioned, or mixed in a Woodsman and ginger beer, or with cola. It is available from select bars and retailers across the UK and online via Amazon.co.uk at an RRP of £28 (US$35) per 700ml. Steven Pearson, global marketing director at Whyte & Mackay, said: “Whyte & Mackay is a company on a mission. We are investing globally in our current portfolio and are committed to innovation, with several new product launches planned over the next 12 months. “Our research showed us there are younger consumers drinking across several categories but avoiding Scotch because they’re put off by traditional category cues. “We recognised this as an opportunity to tap into the continued growth in brown spirits drinkers and bring to market a blended Scotch with a unique flavour profile and a rich and innovative production story.”