Wilderness Trail to launch first Bourbon in April

by Melita Kiely

Kentucky-based Wilderness Trail Distillery is preparing to launch its first Bourbon this spring.

Wilderness Trail Distillery Bottled in Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon is scheduled for release on 28 April, which coincides with the distillery’s annual celebration, A Taste in Danville. Shane Baker, co-owner of the distillery with Dr Pat Heist, said: “While our goal is to age much longer, these are special barrels that really shined at a little over four years of age. This bottling is part of the honey barrels of Bourbon that began in late 2013. “Our Family Reserve members’ loyalty will be rewarded with the first numbered bottles encased in a special collector’s box, from a release of only 40 barrels. “The limited release of our single barrel, bottled in bond, Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey in 2018 will be spread out among our loyal ambassadors and key partners in the market. “The remainder of our barrel stock will continue to age to six years before we start our regular releases in 2020.” The distillery is also planning releases in September and December this year. Wilderness Trail Distillery welcomed its highest number of visitors to date in 2017, with 35,000 people passing through its doors. A further 30,000 guests visited the site when the distillery hosted the KY State BBQ Festival.