Wild Turkey Bourbon intros Master’s Keep 1894

by Annie Hayes

Gruppo Campari-owned Wild Turkey Bourbon is honouring the oldest rickhouse on its estate with the launch of Master’s Keep 1894 – the latest edition in the brand's super-premium series.

Wild Turkey master distiller Eddie Russell created the expression to mark Rickhouse A, where he says he first fell in love with Bourbon. "From the very first taste at Rickhouse A, I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to Bourbon," said Russell. "Master’s Keep 1894 captures that moment, the start of my journey to master distiller and the beginning of years of tradition." The expression is said to have notes of toffee and honey that give way to fruity notes of candied pear, stewed apples, spice, subtle oak and vanilla and a "long, lingering caramel finish". Russell is currently in Australia, where he is hosting the Masters of Conviction Tour – a series of masterclasses across Sydney and Melbourne in which he explores the brand's portfolio. Products featured include Wild Turkey Rye, Rare Breed, Kentucky Spirit and Master’s Keep Decades and the line's new 1894 variant. Russell will apply his thumbprint to each bottle of Master’s Keep 1894 purchased by masterclass attendees, to reinforce his "personal seal of approval". Wild Turkey Bourbon’s marketing director, Nicole Stanners, said: "Along with this highly anticipated new release in the Master’s Keep series, we’re excited to welcome Eddie Russell to Australia and to provide the opportunity for discerning whiskey drinkers to immerse themselves in the special qualities of Wild Turkey Bourbon’s super-premium range. "Eddie is of unmatched pedigree in the Bourbon industry, with skills that only come from a true expert and knowledge others aspire to learn."