Whitley Neill launches rye vodka

Jun 1, 2018by Owen Bellwood

Halewood Wines & Spirits has expanded its Whitley Neill range with the launch of a rye vodka expression.

Whitley Neill Rye Vodka is triple distilled in copper stills and made almost exclusively of winter rye. The spirit has a clean aroma, with subtle hints of black pepper, vanilla and liquorice. James Stocker, marketing director for Whitley Neill, said: “As more consumers discover the Whitley Neill family they are increasingly interested in exploring the range. “Whilst gin might be their main spirit of choice, our data shows many of them will also drink vodka on occasion, making this the perfect complement to the brand’s award-winning portfolio. “Not only does it rival any competitor in its price-bracket on taste, it also displays great provenance and authenticity, making it an easy product to invest in.” In keeping with the rest of the Whitley Neill range’s appearance, Rye Vodka comes in an opaque grey bottle. Bottled at 43% abv, Whitley Neill Rye Vodka carries an RRP of £26 per 700ml bottle. The English gin brand recently announced it had signed a US distribution deal with MS Walker.