West Cork Distillers bottles stout cask-finished whiskey

by Owen Bellwood

Ireland’s West Cork Distillers has teamed up with the Blacks of Kinsale brewery to release a stout cask-finished blended Irish whiskey.

Following the release of West Cork Distillers’ IPA Cask Finished whiskey, the producer has now finished a blended Irish whiskey in casks that previously held Blacks of Kinsale Stout. The whiskey, made with a 75:25 blend of grain and malt Irish whiskeys, underwent a six-month finishing process in the stout barrels, which was said to impart aromas of chocolate, raisins and cracked nuts. The whiskey is described as having flavours of dark chocolate, coffee and vanilla. West Cork Distillers has released 9,400 bottles of the Stout Cask Irish Whiskey, priced at US$31.99 across the US. This new release joins West Cork’s range of Irish whiskeys, which includes its Bourbon Cask, Black Cask, and 8 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey. West Cork Distillers, which is 100% Irish-owned and uses only local ingredients, was founded in 2003 by childhood friends John O’Connell, Denis McCarthy and Ger McCarthy.