Wealth Solutions bottles rums from closed Caroni Distillery

Feb 19, 2019by Melita Kiely

Collector’s club Wealth Solutions has unveiled a music-inspired rum series featuring three expressions sourced from closed Trinidad and Tobago distillery Caroni.

The first three rums in the series, called Music!, are 20-year-old Caroni 1998 Soca (69.3% abv), 20-year-old Caroni 1998 Calypso (63.8% abv) and 22-year-old Caroni 1996 Parang (63.5% abv). Only 215 bottles of Soca have been created, 220 of Calypso and 245 of Parang. Each name is representative of music styles that originated from Trinidad and Tobago. The Caroni distillery stopped producing rum in 2002. Jack Tar Holding, a subsidiary of Polish company Wealth Solutions, was responsible for choosing the rums for the Music! series. Łukasz Baranowski, managing director at Jack Tar Holding, said: “I am very delighted that we can present today the result of our many months’ work and that the Music! Series starts with rum from such an extraordinary distillery as Caroni. “They clearly show what kind of series it will be – full of high quality, unique spirits with an interesting history. The kind that will satisfy any rum aficionado.” In April last year, Wealth Solutions released just 88 bottles of a 50-year-old Tomatin single malt Scotch whisky – the “oldest Tomatin whisky in history”.