Waterford Distillery to launch its first Irish whiskey

Feb 28, 2020by Owen Bellwood

Mark Reynier’s Waterford Distillery will launch just 1,500 bottles of its inaugural Irish single malt whiskey next month.

Waterford Distillery will launch 1st Cuvee: Pilgrimage at its on-site open day event on 25 April. Only 1,000 bottles of the whiskey will be available for guests to buy. The terroir-focussed Irish whiskey maker has bottled 1,500 of its inaugural release. The bottles available during the event will be labelled 'I Was There' and will be limited to one per person. The limited edition first bottling has a retail value of €150 (US$165) and is only available during the open day. Waterford Distillery 1st Cuvee: Pilgrimage was developed by head distiller Ned Gahan. It is described as being “a complex and multi-layered single malt”. To provide a festival atmosphere, the distillery has invited local food suppliers, brewers and musicians along to the event, which will be a chance to sample Waterford's whiskeys for the first time. So far, Waterford Distillery has sold 50% of tickets available for the event, which are being offered through Eventbrite. The Waterford Distillery is based at the Waterford Brewery, formally used by Diageo to make Guinness, and was founded by Mark Reynier, former managing director of Scotland’s Bruichladdich distillery.