Vivir targets cocktails with mixto Tequila launch

by Owen Bellwood

Tequila maker Vivir has unveiled a mixto brand designed to be used in cocktails or long drinks, called El Sueño.

The maker of 100% agave Tequila brand Vivir has created mixto Tequila El Sueño to cater for the growing demand for ‘affordable, high quality, sustainable’ Tequilas that are ideal for mixing. Launched with an unaged Silver bottling and a rested Gold Tequila, El Sueño is made at the same distillery as Vivir. The Tequila uses fully matured, lowland and highland agave, which is cooked in traditional clay ovens and autoclaves. The producer said high-quality mixto Tequilas are the ‘way forward’ as constraints on agave production in Mexico impact the Tequila industry. Paul Hayes, Vivir and El Sueño co-founder, said: “More and more brands hide behind the 100% agave badge while using questionable production methods and very unsustainable agave. “This is greatly damaging both the industry and farmers’ livelihoods in Mexico. We want to directly counteract this with El Sueño, which is very sustainable and at a great entry-level price point.” El Sueño Silver and El Sueño Gold are both bottled at 38% ABV and priced from £16 (US$22) per 500ml bottle. The Silver Tequila is said to offer flavours of citrus, cucumber and pepper, with a floral and citrusy finish. The expression is suggested served in Margarita cocktails or with tonic water. El Sueño Gold Tequila is rested for up to two months in oak casks, producing a spirit with flavours of pineapple, caramel and pepper. The golden-coloured expression is suggested served neat, mixed in a cocktail or paired with ginger ale. El Sueño Silver and Gold Tequilas will launch in Sainsbury's and Tesco supermarkets across the UK.