Urchin Spirits debuts ‘disruptive’ liqueurs

by Georgie Pursey

UK-based drinks company Urchin Spirits has launched two whisky liqueurs to cater for the growing shot market.

Exclusively distributed by Proof Drinks, new liqueurs Lucky Sod and Scorch have been developed to appeal to a younger legal drinking age demographic of non-traditional whisky drinkers. The bottlings were designed for those who value ‘on-trend flavours, a smoother taste and lower percentage ABV’. Managing director of Proof Drinks John Vider commented: “With the recent resurgence of shot sales we saw a huge opportunity to elevate the category with better and more innovative products. Lucky Sod and Scorch achieve both these things with top quality liquid combined with a twist on the traditional.” Both products’ visual designs feature striking illustrations in bold, upfront typography and are both best enjoyed served as a shot. Lucky Sod is an Irish whiskey liqueur with flavours of toffee, caramel and vanilla. It clocks in at 29% ABV, and is presented in a 700ml bottle featuring a ‘mischievous’ smirking cat character, inspired by the fable of the lucky black bog cat. Scorch is a Scotch whisky liqueur that nods to the classic Old Fashioned cocktail. Drinkers will pick up notes of candied blood orange, sweet vanilla and chilli heat. The 29% ABV liquid is also offered in a 700ml bottling with a bold logo illustrating a classic stag with horns of fire to accompany the ‘let tradition burn’ tag line of the brand. Although recommended enjoyed straight up, both Lucky Sod and Scorch can be enjoyed in a wide range of mixed drinks, including a Fiery Old Fashioned comprising 50ml Scorch, two dash bitters, ice and orange peel; and a Mixed Fortune built with 50ml Lucky Sod and 150ml Cola over ice. The range will be available from Amazon as well as on-trade accounts including Head of Steam, Bodean’s, Livelyhood Pubs, Hijingo and The Claddagh Ring. Lucky Sod is priced at RRP £24.99 (US$31.60) while Scorch is available at RRP £24.03 (US$30.38). Last year Wattshot, the world’s first gin designed to be drunk as a shot, was awarded the highest accolade in The Gin Masters 2021, securing a Master medal for its flagship bottling.