Twisper taps into the digital review industry

by admin

Twisper is revolutionising the online review industry through positive word of mouth.

The expanding arena of digital recommendations is filled with negative, biased and paid‐for reviews. According to Trustpilot, 80% of users think that online reviews are not authentic. Meanwhile, a Nielsen study found that 83% of consumers trust recommendations from people that they know. Businesses are fed up of negative comments, fake reviews and unfair rating systems. Positive recommendations only – that’s the concept of Twisper, the social app that is revolutionising the online review industry through positive digital word of mouth. With no fake or unfair reviews, Twisper is building a positive community in a world driven by negativity. On Twisper, happy customers share their positive experience of venues, and this recommendation appears in their friends’ feeds, promoting the business automatically to a wide network of potential new customers. That’s how positive word of mouth works, and it happens to be the cheapest and most effective marketing tool in the world, according to Forbes. “The Twisper app and its business features have really helped me to unlock the power of digital referrals, leveraging positive customer recommendations by highlighting the best feedback on the app for everyone to see,” says Dirk Hany (pictured), an award‐winning bartender, bar owner and Twisper ambassador. In Hany’s experience, Twisper’s “digital word of mouth creates a snowball effect of positivity that converts friends of friends into new customers”. And he has been able to leverage Twisper’s network to save time and money, and maintain a personal connection with happy customers of his business, Bar Am Wasser in Zürich, Switzerland. “Twisper allows me to interact easily with customers through automated messages. It doesn’t charge any commission on bookings through the app, and I can update my business information on more than 20 platforms, including Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor, with just one click,” he says. With a vision to become the most trustworthy social app for users and the number one in digital word‐of‐mouth marketing for businesses, Twisper is leading a positive revolution in the review industry. Ready to join the positive revolution? Claim your business for free and join Dirk Hany and thousands of business owners in attracting new customers through positive recommendations. Visit to find out how Twisper can help you.