Trinchero Family Estates moves into vermouth

Jun 24, 2019by Melita Kiely

Winery Trinchero Family Estates has created a line of dry and sweet vermouths that were inspired by a 120-year-old family recipe.

Trincheri Vermouth is based on an 1890s recipe from Piedmont, Italy. Trincheri Rosso is made with grapes from the Trinchero vineyards, including Barbera from Amador County and Chardonnay from Napa Valley. Trincheri Dry is made with French Colombard grapes sourced from the company’s Bullfrog Vineyard in Central Valley. Both expressions are infused with Roman artemisia and cinchona bark bitter herbs, plus other fruits, botanicals and spices that have been cold-macerated for more than one month. The line was created by Bob Trinchero, Trinchero Family Estates chairman emeritus. Dave Derby, Trinchero Family Estates senior vice president of marketing, said: “The launch of Trinchero Vermouth celebrates not only the incredible contributions of the Trinchero family as winemakers and spirits purveyors, but also the heritage of craft cocktails and their resurgence in today’s dining experience. “Bringing to life this 120-year-old family recipe is truly a passion for everyone at Trinchero Family Estates, and we are thrilled to introduce Trinchero Vermouth to cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders everywhere.”