Tiempo Tequila debuts first bottling

Oct 6, 2021by Alice Brooker

London-based producer Tiempo has unveiled its first batch of Reposado Cristalino Tequila, which is limited to 1,320 bottles.

After six years in the making, Tiempo Tequila has rolled out its debut bottling in the UK market. The word 'tiempo' translates to 'time' in Spanish, a nod to the '2,555 days of meticulous work and patience' it took to produce the spirit. Tiempo Tequila co-founder James Hughston said: “It takes time to create a Tequila that is pure, sustainable, and beautifully versatile, but also respectfully reflects Mexican tradition and Cantina culture." The Tequila was made with 100% Blue Weber agave grown and harvested in the Altos and Valley regions of Jalisco. The agave is slow-cooked for 48 hours, then fermented using natural yeast for a further 60 hours. Reposado Cristalino is twice distilled before spending one year ageing in American oak whiskey casks. Hughston added: "This is a celebration of Mexico, its craft and the people who make it possible – not the inauthentic celebrity-saturated market, nor sub-par liquids consumers, unfortunately, associated with the spirit.” On the nose, the Tequila boasts barrel notes of whisky, aged oak and butter. Meanwhile, the palate presents flavours of butter and caramel. Master distiller Augustin Sanchez Rodriguez crafted the liquid as a sipping Tequila, or to be used in cocktails. The 700ml bottle is made of recycled glass and features a sustainably printed label, plus a natural cork and wooden stopper. Each bottle is packaged in a limited edition box displaying a print by graphic illustrator Alan Berry Rhys. Tiempo Tequila Reposado Cristalino is available at London bars including Mariachi, NTs Loft, Leytonstone Tavern, Dona, The Ram Inn and Hacha. The 40% ABV bottling can be purchased online at Amazon, House of Malt, Master of Malt and through tiempo-tequila.com for £54.99 (US$74.64).