Tia Maria releases matcha cream liqueur in US

by Kate Malczewski

Illva Saronno-owned coffee liqueur brand Tia Maria has rolled out a matcha-flavoured variant in the US market.

Tia Maria Matcha is made using Japanese green tea extract, which provides 'caffeine and a floral twist' to the liquid. "Matcha is extremely popular in coffee shops and it is known around the world for its earthy notes and natural caffeine, so pairing it with our premium Tia Maria flavour was a complimentary fit," said Ignacio Llaneza, vice president of brand and trade marketing at Disaronno International. The new liqueur, which will also be available in the UK this summer, has an ABV of 17% and a suggested retail price of US$24.99 per 750ml bottle. It can be served over ice or mixed in 'rich' cocktails. According to Llaneza, the new product is part of Tia Maria's efforts "to strive to meet a younger consumer audience". Last year, the brand entered the ready-to-drink market with the launch of its Iced Coffee Frappé.