Tequila Vida unveils ‘modern’ bottle design

Mar 22, 2018by Owen Bellwood

Tequila brand Vida has launched a new bottle design across its range, inspired by the ‘elegance’ of the Tequila-making process.

The Tequila brand, which launched in 2007, has unveiled its 'chic' new look, which has been inspired by the shapes found in the Tequila-making process. The brand's bottle takes design cues from the leaves of the weber blue agave used in its production, the coa tool used by jimador's to harvest the agave and the curves of the barrel's Tequila Vida ages its spirit in. Tequila Vida founder, Lisa Barlow, said: "Everything we do is thoughtful and strong. Vida has a quality and sophistication that defines the way you want to drink. "The new bottle is serious. I was very hands-on in every aspect of this design. Our Tequila is extraordinary, and the bottle had to match. It reflects the way I see Tequila; the way I see Mexico. "I wanted to create something true to our experience, bold and unique as my fingerprint." The new bottle design is part of the brand's efforts to become a 'serious contender' in the Tequila market and will launch across its range of blanco, reposado and anejo expressions. As the popularity of Tequila and mezcal continues to rise, SB names the best value for money brands on the market.