Takamaka brings St André Series to UK

May 31, 2022by Alice Brooker

Seychelles-based rum producer Takamaka has launched its premium St André Series, comprising four expressions, in the UK.

The St André Series includes blended rums: Extra Noir, Grankaz, Pti Lakaz and Zepis Kreol. Takamaka Rum was founded by two brothers, Richard and Bernard d’Offay, 20 years ago. The Extra Noir bottling is a blend of pot and column distilled molasses rum, soaked with ex-Bourbon American oak wood, then pressed with French and ex-Bourbon cask wood, before being laid to rest in second fill ex-cane French oak casks for 60 days. It is then bottled at 43% ABV, and delivers punchy notes of spice and vanilla. Zepis Kreol is also a pot and column distilled molasses rum, pre-soaked with ex-merlot French oak wood fines, and then macerated with natural spices before being pressed. It is then blended with an eight-year-old Bajan Foursquare rum, before a final resting for 60 days in old ex-Bourbon casks. Also clocking in at 43% ABV, Zepis Kreol contains flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and quatré spices (French allspice). Meanwhile, Pti Lakaz is a pot-distilled Seychelles cane rum from three different barrels, including two ex-Radoux casks and one ex-Port cask. It is blended with pot and column distilled molasses rum that’s been rested for three years in ex-Bourbon casks, as well as an eight-year-old Bajan Foursquare molasses rum. Resting at 45.1% ABV, the non-chill-filtered liquid boasts notes of star anise and cocoa beans. Finally, Grankaz is a traditional pot distilled Seychelles cane rum aged in medium toasted new French oak. It is blended with three-year-old ex-Bourbon molasses rum and an eight-year-old Bajan Foursquare molasses rum. Also bottled at 45.1% ABV, Grankaz is herbaceous and floral on the nose, with hints of stewed fruits and butterscotch on the palate. The St André Series will be available across Europe through Highball Brands in the UK; La Maison du Whisky in France; and Haromex in Germany. The series’ RRPs range between £35 and £50 (US$44.15-US$63.07), and will be available to purchase from Master of Malt. The brand recently expanded across Europe after partnering with three new distributors. Trois Frères Distillery, producer of Takamaka Rum, revealed its partnership with sustainable packaging creator Ecospirits in March, bringing the closed-loop spirits distribution system to the Seychelles for the first time.