Taisteal adds two whiskies to Explorer’s Scotch Series

by Melita Kiely

Milestone Beverages has added a single grain and blended whisky to its Taisteal Explorer’s Scotch Series.

Hong-Kong-based Milestone Beverages released its first product, a single malt Scotch, in 2018, which was praised for being affordable, versatile and delivering exceptional quality. The brand’s name is taken from the Gaelic word for ‘journey’. The Taisteal range comprises three different whisky styles: single malt Explorer’s Malt, single grain Explorer’s Grain and blended Scotch Explorer’s Blend. The single malt is produced at Loch Lomond, one of only four distilleries in Scotland with an on-site cooperage. The distillery is famed for its unique pot stills, which have special distillation trays in the neck, permitting more contact with the cooling alcohol vapour, resulting in different flavour nuances. The two new whiskies, Explorer’s Grain and Explorer’s Blend, are produced by Angus Dundee. The producer’s signature style is achieved due to the lye pipes, which run upwards at an angle of 15 degrees. Combined with master blending techniques, this results in an “elegant, aromatic, nutty and fruity spirit”. Milestone Beverages was founded by Joe Milner, who wanted to bridge the gap between quality and value, and alter whisky perceptions by “letting the sipper design their own whisky experience, have their own rules and create their own rituals – be it indoors or out in the sun, with mixers or on the rocks”. Explorer’s Malt is said to deliver “mature woodiness” with a “mellow velvety smokiness” and “earthy hints of peat”. Meanwhile, Explorer’s Grain is described as having flavours of toffee and floral notes that lead to a “delicate, silky and fruity palate”. Completing the trio is Explorer’s Blend, which is said to have aromas of chocolate and vanilla fudge, combined with baked spices to create a “rich, balanced and nutty palate”. Each whisky has been bottled at 40% ABV and is available to purchase across Asia, including Hong Kong, and Europe. Taisteal is owned by Milestone Beverages HK Limited, which manages its own distribution in Asia with support from Charter Brands in Europe. For more information about Taisteal, contact joe@milestonebeverages.com or matt.ashton-melia@charterbrands.com for UK/EU enquiries.