SWA Statement on Scottish Independence Vote

Sep 19, 2014by The Staff

The Scottish people voted yesterday not to break from Great Britain, in a move that prevented uncertainty for the beverage industry that a “yes” vote would have created. From the press information:


David Frost, Scotch Whisky Association chief executive, said: 

“The people of Scotland have made a historic choice against the background of the most profound national debate.

“We welcome the stability that this choice brings and now urge politicians of all parties to work to bring our country together.

“The referendum debate has shown the need for government and business to collaborate to address long-term economic challenges. We will be looking closely at plans for further devolution within this context.  There must now be a renewed focus on improving the business environment so that Scotland’s economy can grow to everyone’s benefit.

“The Scotch Whisky industry is determined to play a leading role in shaping discussions that are fundamental to the future success of our industry and our nation.”

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