Stryyk brings non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ to US

by Kate Malczewski

Non-alcoholic 'spirits' brand Strykk will make its US debut this month.

Strykk is the producer of four spirits alternatives: Not G*n, Not R*m, Not V*dka and Not Vanilla V*dka. The brand was launched in 2018 by Alex Carlton, creator of Funkin Cocktails; Andrew King; and Jack Horner. It will be sold to US customers for the first time through Amazon, priced at US$29.99 per 700ml bottle. “We are really excited to launch in the US, the ultimate global market with a powerful place on the world’s cocktail stage and a growing health culture,” said Carlton. Strykk pointed to American drinkers' increased demand for both spirits and non-alcoholic 'spirits' as the reason for its market entry. In 2020, the US registered the most volume growth for the spirits category since 1990, according to IWSR Drinks Market Analysis data cited by the brand. Furthermore, non-alcoholic 'spirits' are forecast to grow by more than 30% in 2021.

“US drinking habits have evolved considerably in the last two years, driven by a growing interest in wellness and it’s exciting to see demand for non-alcoholic spirits gathering momentum. These drinkers are not abstainers – they want to experience more, more often and break up their alcohol consumption,” Carlton explained.

“We understand the US market and culture and knew it would not be long before the US market took off. Americans are looking to moderate their drinking and Strykk is well positioned to respond and satisfy a market with increased choice and premium quality spirits alternatives. The most popular spirits in the US are vodka, whiskies, Tequila and rum – a great opportunity for an innovative and adaptable brand such as Strykk.”

The brand is also pursuing an on-trade rollout, starting in New York, California and Florida. It will then look to expand across the US and in Latin America. Last week, former Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews revealed plans for the US launch of his non-alcoholic 'spirits' brand Clean Co in partnership with Demeter & Co, the drinks firm founded by former Moët Hennessy CEO Jim Clerkin.